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About AWCS
Whenever people come together to be themselves,
an empowering experience is realized.
                           - Ashanti Williams

Our Core Values

Polygon of Community

Our core values are People , Partnership and Purpose.  In the support of our clients, we pride ourselves in:
      • Strengthening community
      • Respecting culture
      • Establishing principled relationship based on cooperation and through interaction
      • Responding with determination and resolution

ASHANTI WEST Consulting Services is your partner in progress. We stand with you in your work for change. We are committed to service quality, which supports you in the achievement of your goals. We offered a variety of programs, individually geared towards your specific needs and objectives.

Our Staff

The scope of what we do reflects the diversity of interest and the areas of expertise of our dedicated staff.

ASHANTI WEST Consulting Services (AWCS) includes Ashanti Williams, the managing principal, and a family of skilled and competent associates.

With over 15 years of extensive experiences, Ashanti Williams has worked with both youth and adults in the following areas:

      • Residential treatment
      • Curriculum development
      • Youth development
      • Leadership education & training
      • Outdoor & experiential education
      • Adventure programming
      • Community development

An educator, consultant, and human service provider, Ashanti Williams was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut. A community-concerned and active person, Ashanti volunteers his time and energy to a number of programs relating to youth development, housing rights and community building. 


Ashanti graduated from University of Massachusetts - Boston in Human Services and Education. He received Trainer's Certification from NTL - National Training Lab Institute, Yale University.  His early career was in the Outdoor Experiential Education, having worked as lead instructor for Great Hollow Wilderness School and Outward Bound, as well as directed numerous youth and educational programs. Over the  past 15 years, Ashanti has worked with a variety of organizations, schools and corporations conducting professional development training, experiential/outdoor education and an array of human resource development programs.


Ashanti's key belief is sincerity; his key goal is assisting clients and his key initiative is to support change in programs and organizations. Ashanti believes passionately in people's ability to solve their most challenging problems through teamwork and views his facilitator's role as creating a safe environment so people can come together, share ideas, and remove road blocks to change.

                     We'd like to hear from you.

               ASHANTI WEST Consulting Services
                             P.O. Box 70172
                           Riverside, CA 92513
                       Phone: (831) 334-5049