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AWCS Campus

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A campus (kmpes) is traditionally regarded as the grounds of an institution of higher learning. The word was first adopted to describe a particular urban space or large college and university areas. Since our training takes place in both urban and suburban environs, in a non-traditional way, we also call “campus” as our fields of instructions. AWCS campus can be either an indoor or outdoor classroom. 

Additionally, we’re also mobile and will go to our clients’ work areas. We’re ready and able to bring our leadership training, challenge ropes-course and adventure–based training to your work sites or to a location of your choice. AWCS campus approach to client service is your cost-effective alternative as we have high commitment and flexibility of working anywhere at any time, be it at your site or ours.


At AWCS, we strive to bring convenience, value, information and knowledge to your learning experience.