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MONSTERTangram Exercise
"A good tool for schools. It helps you to cooperate, stop and listen to somebody, to work as a team"

Have you been looking for just the right group initiative for your next workshop? The good news is that your search is over. At ASHANTI WEST Consulting Services, we have just the right tool for the right job.
MONSTERTangram provides a challenging, fresh and innovative approach to:
      • Synergy
      • Team Building
      • Problem Solving
      • Creative & Critical Thinking
      • Leadership & Group Development          
      • Communication & Group Process

MONSTERTangram with manual
Size: 1/4" x 3' x 3' - Material: Plexiglas - Color: Red

MONSTERTangram Exercise

The Tale

A very long time ago in China, so the story goes, a man named Tan dropped a square tile on the floor. It broke into seven pieces. Tan tried to put the pieces together again. But instead of a square, the pieces are fitted together in the shape of birds, sailboats, houses, animals, people...almost anything. Tan had so much fun making patterns with the seven pieces that he soon forgot why he wanted a square tile in the first place.
There you have it. This became the idea behind the MONSTERTangram initiative.
The Tool
The Tangram works well to build rapport, develop team relationship and open channels of communication. The Tangram is made of durable fire-red Plexiglas. The set comes complete with activity plans, technical support and its own Fiberstok carrying case. Cost: $305.00  
... And more tool: Pipeline

This tool is designed for a thinking and planning activity; it's a fabulous team builder for quick minds and fast feet. Participants work to engineer a pipeline system transport which aims at moving objects from point “A” to point “B”. All you need is a group of people, a bit of patience, a little practice and the willingess to try, then you’re off, as a team, to an awesome problem solving initiative. This exercise is suitable for both schools and corporate groups.


Content: 1 treasure box w. carry bag, 15- chutes, and 10 (1/16" diameter each) chrome-steel bearing balls. Cost: $50.00.


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Pipeline: Team Builder Tool