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Group Process
"...Who we are and how we are with others"

Our Training



Within a supportive environment, which fosters inter-group trust, and a group culture that equally values both the group's needs as well as the needs of the individual, each participant is free to develop to his/her maximum potential.


Our instructional objective is to generate client's enthusiasm for group involvement and to raise the group's human resource potential.  We attained our objective by engaging individuals in inter-personal/intra-personal relations building.  This requires participation in role-play, cooperative games and challenging group- initiative through a series of direct experience and adventure activities.


Using the AWCS model, we are able to bring a collection of individuals to a point of being a fully functioning and self -managing team. On the clients' return to their site, the newly developed team applies its added resources to successfully analyze situations, solve problems, increase productivity or more effectively manage their particular situation.


As a graduate of the National Training Labs (NTL), lead Instructor in Outward Bounds Executive Challenge Programs and Leadership & Group Development, Ashanti brings to clients the knowledge, commitment and expertise in managing teams and leading people to workplace solutions.


Team Building Initiative: A new tool


Games create an interactive experience by transforming participants into active players and translating inactive information into playful learning episodes. In addition to our training, we have a team building initiative, it's called MONSTERTangram. A great professional development idea for those small group sessions.


Case Study 
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