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                     SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY     
             Adventure-Based Training Day 
                         An outdoor experiential approach to counseling               
                Kelley Park, San Jose, California        _______________________________________________________
Training Focus
In the sea of human experiences, there are islands of healing. Today, there are many treatment methodologies in the field of Social Services.  Outdoor/Experiential Education is one of many tools. The training day has been specifically designed to increase and reinforce the student's understanding on the content and connection between Counseling and Outdoor/Experiential Education.
In addition to support the student's ability to manage the dynamics of school community relations, activity exposure in Train-the-Trainer practice in outdoor experiential education has been designed to enhance the student's skillset by providing the student with tools and methodology for competency in the area of Adventure-Based Counseling. 
Counseling Education Course Purpose
"To focus on the knowledge and skills needed to create leading environments, which are sensitive to diverse needs of persons within school and community settings, to effectively use community agency resources - a full range of students services within a school district - and to offer an introduction to Experiential and Outdoor Challenge Education."  - Professor Gary Johnson
Up-Chuck Initiative - 09/25/2004
Up-Chuck initiative
"Where is my ball?"

Up-Chuck Initiative - 09/25/2004
Up-Chuck Initiative
"Okay, on three...thow your ball in the air!"

The Maze Initiative - 09/25/2004
The Maze Initiative
"You said you knew the way?"

Joys divided are increased - 09/25/2004
Joys divided are increased
"We're strong people with deep roots"

Earthwinds - 02/19/2005
"It takes two wings for a bird to fly..."

Each one teaches one 09/25/2004
Each one teaches one
"Which way did they go?"

Mine Field Initiative - 09/25/2004
Mine Field Initiative

Celebration - 02/19/2005
"Humor is a great lubricant for teamwork"

Team Photo - 02/19/2005
Team Photo
"To get the full value of joy, you must have people to divide it with"
Group Juggle Initiative - 09/25/2004
Group Juggle Initiative
"Celebrate what you want to see more of!"

Object Retrieval - 02/19/2005
Object Retrieval
"The work praises the team"

Object Retrieval - 02/19/2005
Object Retrieval
"To breakthrough creativity, we must defer judgment"

The Maze Initiative - 09/25/2004
The Maze Initiative
"Follow me!"

Pipeline - 02/19/2005

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