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The Briefing Room

Thompson Island Education Center Debriefing Room

A Sense of History
Years ago, I worked for Thompson Island Outdoor Education Center, now known as Thompson Island Outward Bound Center. The Island, a strip of land and a picturesque drumlin in the Boston harbor, was and is the archetype of the outdoor school. Among the cluster of buildings, remnants from a 100-year old farm and trade school, there was a meeting area where outdoor instructors gathered after a course, and conducted debriefings.
At the time, we called it the "Briefing Room." In honor of past clients, great staff, and the creative and innovative training ideas, which emanated from that space, I thought to give its name to this web link. The real briefing room is located just below the dinner area in the administration building.

Periodically, I will pick a critical topic related to the field of Team Development/ Outdoor Experiential Education and share my ideas, thoughts, feelings, and hopefully to bring more light than heat to the subject.





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